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Jain Vishva Bharati (JVB) was founded in India in 1970. The inspirational force behind this organization was the global vision of late Ganadhipati Tulsi. His mentor and successor His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna is continuing to guide this movement by adopting a twin track approach of spiritual wisdom coupled with accepting the practical realities of life in the modern world. We live in the best of times – we have access to good food, good housing and good health, even good prosperity. Yet we are unhappy. Our work is stressing us out. Our home life is tense. Our minds are restless – we want more holidays, more money, more leisure time, and never seem to be getting enough. Worst of all, our health and relationships are beginning to suffer.


At JVB, we are experienced in dealing with these matters. We have teachers (samanijis) who are trained in yoga, preksha meditation and Indian philosophy. They have studied ancient scriptures and learnt meditation from some of the greatest Gurus. The samanijis understand life in the West and communicate in the language of the West – English. At root of their training, is the ancient Jain tradition, which for thousands of years has taught us how to live a simple yet beautiful life, full of richness and vitality in every respect. One of the greatest men of the last century, Mahatma Gandhi, was inspired by the Jain philosophy of non-violence, ahimsa. JVB can help you wake up each day feeling positive and energised with simple practical techniques.


Your health is your wealth.

We offer courses on:

• Preksha yoga for heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, etc
• Preksha meditation
• Self-awareness and self-belief
• Women health and well-being
• Personal counselling
• Vegetarian cooking

Knowledge feeds the soul, and without it, the soul becomes malnourished and withers. Our advanced training in Jain scriptures and philosophy helps you discover your own wisdom.

We offer courses on:
• What is Jainism?
• Ancient Jain wisdom
• Scripture study
• Summer course in Prakrit Language/Pratikaman

‘Without character, human birth is futile’
Sila Pahuda, 19

Good character shines. It builds inner strength and confidence. It unites the mind, body and spirit.

JVB Sunday School teaches Indian culture, Jainism and spirituality to children from ages of 3 to16 and to youths. The parents and adults classes are also organized. Children learn yoga, meditation for better memory and concentration power. The method of teaching integrates some of the key messages of today’s society – environmental awareness, healthy living, respect for all kinds of life, etc.

We offer courses on:
• Parenting and pre-natal soul building
• Family values and positive relationships
• Stress free living
• Anger management
• Relationships and communications

We organise workshops, camps and retreats.


We can guide you on family events:
• Birthdays
• Marriage anniversaries
• Celebrating life’s achievements
• Remembering departed souls
• Funeral prayers
• Coping with terminal illness


Daily and Regular Activities

  • Daily Preksha Meditation classes
  • Weekly Gyan Shala for children
  • Yoga (exclusive for ladies)
  • JVB Events during all Jain festivals (Mahaveer Jayanti, Akshaya Tritiya, Paryushan, etc)
  • Regular Swadhyaya, Meditation, Jaap, Workshop activities
  • Regular interaction with other Jain communities (Navnat, Oshwal, Mahaveer Foundation, Shrimad Rajchandra Dharampura, Shree Chandana Vidya Peeth, Jain Network, Jain Social Group, East London Bhagini Mandal, etc)
  • Hospital & Bereavement Support
  • One to one support for personal problems
  • Interfaith represetation (Hindu Forum of Britain, Buddhist Community, etc)
  • Visits to numerous universities and academic institutions (Leeds University, Cardiff University, Cambridge University, etc)

Travel and Supporting Jain Communities outside London

Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leicester, Manchester,
North Wales - Newport, Warwick, etc.

Travel and Supporting Jain Communities in Europe

Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Belgium, France, etc.

Jain and Comparative Religious Study Academic Support

  • When Samanijis were present, four candidates have successfully completed Masters course.
  • Over the past two years, all academic activity has stopped