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JVB envisions a violence free individual and society in mind, communication and action that inspires the whole world towards sheer Peace.


JVB aims to empower the individuals and the society to actually practice Ahimsa (nonviolence), Sanyam (Moderation), and Anekant (divergent perspectives). It endeavors to create an environment of unity and harmony in society and inculcates individual transformation, which in turn leads to spiritual uplift and enlightenment.


JVB derives its inspiration from the universal message of Bhagavan Mahavira.


Even after appreciating the virtues of Ahimsa, self-restrain and respect for divergent views and practices, masses lack the will power and the discipline to practice them. With these thoughts in mind JVB presents a practical step by step approach of personal empowerment. The practice helps a person to build the inner strength resulting in a nonviolent, happy, compassionate, and contented life.