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Support JVB London

Jain Vishva Bharati London, by virtue of its permanent centre in UK, is able to host Samanijis year round, who provide you with spiritual guidance and promote the Jain way of life. This center is dedicated to your well-being, but needs to be funded to carry out different activities to support this cause.

Hundreds of adults as well as children are benefitting from programs like Gyanshala, Preksha Meditation Camps, Paryushan, Personal Counselling and so much more due to the presence of Samanijis. Our next generation have acquired a very good knowledge and understanding of Jainism and its value.

This is indeed a matter of great pride and delight for us all. So don't we owe something back to our society - for the spiritual benefit that we and our family are receiving? Help Jain Vishva Bharati London to reach out to many more individuals and families.

And the best thing is that when you contribute towards this cause, you get tax benefits as Jain Vishva Bharati London is approved by HMRC as a "Non-Profitable Organisation", so your contributions will therefore be tax deductible.

No contribution is too small, and we welcome any amount that you want to donate. Please download the Donation Form and show us your support by donating generously.

In addition, JVBL has recently started a “Tithi Yojna program, to celebrate or remember a special day or a special person in your life. This could be a birthday, graduation, or an anniversary of your family member or a day dedicated to the memory of someone you love. On this day, you can avail of Samanijis’ blessings with spiritual practices at the JVB center or in your home. You can also take Gochari Labh (the benefit of offering food to Samanijis). It will be one of the greatest ways of celebration or memory.

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